Introduce World Tea EXPO 2023 Hadong, Korea.


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Nice to meet you.
I am the chairman of <World Tea EXPO 2023 Hadong, Korea>’s organizing committee.

I appreciate all your attentions for <World Tea EXPO 2023 Hadong, Korea> , which is held in order to realize a healthy & rich life with tea.

Hadong is a pioneer in the Korean tea cultivation, starting from Unified Silla period. Envoy Daeryeom brought the tea seeds from Tang 1,200 years ago, and he planted the seeds at ‘Hwagae-Dongcheon(the place where the flowers bloom in winter, ‘Utopia in the jar where hemits live’, ‘the place where arrow flowers are blooming’) following king’s order.
Hadong is not only the first tea farming place, but also the revival land of the tea ceremony. Chilbul Temple is the place where Buddhist monk Cho-eui, who revived Korean tea culture, (the monk who revived Korean tea culture) was in Zen meditation and wrote an abstract of <Dashin-jeon(the book of tea)> in the late Joseon period.

As our ancestors recognized early, Hadong’s climate and its soil are the optimum conditions to cultivate tea. It preserved the native wild tea while (during the improved varieties were spreading out) during the in Japanese occupation, and still cultivates tea in its natural state (from the tea farm in its natural state.) As the traditional tea agriculture in Hadong had been acknowledged with its value, it was registered to GIAHS(Global Important Agriculture Heritage Systems), 2017.

It is said that tea is being tasted by eyes, nose and mouth because its color, aroma and flavor are important. As the tea from Hadong boasted its excellent quality in those all three parts, it was offered to the king.

As the Hadong tea has maintained its excellent quality until now and the global brand Starbucks acknowledged the quality of Hadong green tea, the whole world is drinking Hadong green tea in the Starbucks.

Especially, Hadong is the pioneer in the export of domestic green tea to the Starbucks headquarters in USA. As the tea market is expanding globally, Jeon-Nam and Jeju expect the bright future of the Korean tea industry following the case of Gyeong-Nam where Hadong belongs to.

These made us hold <World Tea EXPO 2023 Hadong, Korea> to introduce the excellence of Hadong’s tea, to create a culture of enjoying tea in daily life, and to promote an opportunity to In addition, the expo is the first event in the tea industry authorized by the Central Government.

<World Tea EXPO 2023 Hadong, Korea> is held with the slogan “The Scent of Nature, Healthy Future, Tea!” with the main venue around Hadong Sports Park & Hadong Wild Tea Culture Festival Area of Hwagae-myeon, but it doesn’t stop there. A number of programs would be proceeded on the ‘Tea Road(the road connecting places related to tea in Gyeong-Nam)’.

The organizing committee will do its best to make visitors have the time of healing their body & soul by experiencing the chiliadic history and culture of traditional tea. Also, we will arrange interesting contents to enjoy with your lovers and prepare eco-friendly events for our one and only Earth and the next generation.

In addition, the EXPO would be an opportunity to enjoy various excellent teas for the tea lovers around the world, and let the tea-producing country and relevant industries a chance to grow and develop markets.

As the beauty of the cherry blossom path in front of Ssanggyesa temple fades away and the greenery begins to flourish in May, we hope you can take some time to relax with a cup of traditional Korean tea, savored with your eyes, nose, and mouth. We ask for your continued support as Korean traditional tea culture continues to thrive in the future.

Thank you.

Organizing Committee, Chairman

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