Event Guide

Introduce World Tea EXPO 2023 Hadong, Korea.
Event guide

Ticket Guidance

Ticket Entrance fee(\) Application range notes
Common Adults 10,000 · 19~64 years old Age classification
based on the
date of entrance
Teenagers 6,000 · 13~18 years old
Children 4,000 · 5~12 years old
Discounts Reservation Adults 6,000 · In case of advance ticket sales :
~ May 3rd of 2023
Teenagers 4,000
Children 3,000
Group Adults 6,000 ·Local : 20 or more
·Foreigners : 10 or more
Teenagers 4,000
Children 3,000
Residents On the spot 6,000 · Residents of Hadong(based on ID card) Check ID cards
(or certificate)
Special On the spot 6,000 · 65~79 years old
·Active-duty soldier/police(mandatory)
Family On the spot
(In advance)
· Family of 3~6 members
Multiple Entrance 3 days 12,000 -
7 days 20,000
Free-Pass 25,000
Free Entrance

· Infant under age of 4 & Senior over age of 80

· Disabled person according to『Welfare of Disabled Person Act』and his/her companion guardian

· Recipient of basic living him/herself according to『National Basic Living Security Act』

· Independence merit him/herself according to 『Treatment of Independence Merits Act』

· 5.18 Democracy merit him/herself according to 『Treatment & Group Foundation of 5.18 Democracy Merits Act』

· Special mission merit him/herself according to 『Treatment & Group Foundation of Special Mission Merits Act』

· Guide of a group tour(1 per 20 local tourists, 10 foreign tourists)

· Employee of Kindergartens, Nurseries, Special-education Schools, Elementary/Middle/High Schools

(In case of group entrance with educational purpose)

Starts from For Specifics
Rewards for
Tourist Attraction
On the spot Travel agency which
hosted tourists
to the EXPO
Tour bus company
(including drivers)
Tourist Quantity Rewarding Percentage
weekday weekend
Local 20 20% 10%
Foreigner 10 40% 20%
※ Apply percentage above to the amounts of the purchase
Rewards for
Ticket sale
In advance Individual,
Travel Agnecy,
(city, district and etc.)
- Over 100 Tickets : 3% of sales
- Over 500 Tickets : 5% of sales
- Over 1,000 Tickets : 7% of sales
Educational Institues The flat rated payment of an advance ticket for the issuance of ticket on the spot
Or select one from the benefits of advance tickets
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