Introduce World Tea EXPO 2023 Hadong, Korea.
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1. Ssanggye Temple Stay

Water Flows, Flower blooms

The basis generosity of Zen, Gyo(religion), Yul(rule) & Tea & Buddhist Chant. Daeryeom-Gong brought the tea seeds from Tang dynasty and planted them at Jiri Mountain following the King’s orders, then the monk Jingam established a tea farm near Ssanggye temple and Hwagae. This makes Ssanggye temple a Holy Land of Zen, Tea and Drink.

2. Starway Hadong

A Walkway Between River And Sky

The Skywalk of Starway Hadong is 150m above Seomjin river and stands 20m tall, and was designed after the motif of star-shape. You can feel an overwhelming impression by the beautiful scenary of Pyeongsa-ri field and looking down at smoothly flowing Seomjin river under your feet.

3. Jeonggeum Tea Farm

The Center of Nature, Harmony of
Hwagae-cheon & Green Tea Farm

Jeoggeum tea farm is a green tea farm, which is famous for Korea’s oldest tea trees.

4. Almost Home Stay Hadong

A Rest Place With Nature & Relaxation

Almost Home Stay Hadong tries to pursue ‘Home away from home’. You can make the local taste, style and joy with local residents beyond simple overnight stay.

5. Hadong Wild Tea Museum

Learning & Experience of The History of Tea

Hadong had been bloomed of tea culture for a long time with the aesthetics of slowness & the regionality emphasizing tradition. Hadong Wild Tea Museum tries to be a cultural space you can take rest with the education of participational exhibition & sharing hearts through tea.

6. Hwagae Market

The Place Across Gyeongsang-do & Jeolla- do

It comes after Routh 19, following Seomjin river which flows across Gyeongsang-do & Jeolla-do. It’s the traditional market of Hadong, which is famous for lyric of the song. It’s also the background of <Yeok-Ma(Itchy Feet)>, a novel of Dong-Ri Kim.

7. The First Tea Farm

The Starting Point of 1,200 year-history of Tea

The First Tea Farm is the place where Daeryeom-Gong planted tea seeds from Tang dynasty. To commemorate, there are 4 monuments of Daeryeom-Gong, Monk Jin-gam, Monk Cho-eui and the first tea farm.

8. House of Choi-Champan

The Background of a novel that goes through The modern history

House of Choi-Champan, the background of Gyeong-Ri Park’s novel <Toji(The Land)>, the saga of Korean modern history is now realized with 14 Han-Oks(Korean-style House). Every Fall, the literature festival of all writers, <Toji Literature Festival> is being held here and it’s becoming famous for the village of literature and filming location of drama.

9. Chilbul Temple

The Seven Buddhas

The name of Chilbul temple was named after the story that the seven prince of King Suro Kim, the first King of Gaya dynasty, came to Chilbul temple and all of them attained Buddhahood.

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