Introduce World Tea EXPO 2023 Hadong, Korea.

Operating Committee

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[Working Status(administration)]

(July, 2021)

Total Administrator Planning HQ Operating HQ notes
& Management
Event dpt. Foundation
Maximum 50 1 8 6 6 5 7 5 5 7
Present 42 1 8 5 5 4 6 4 5 4
[Employee Status]
Position Name Contact Duty
Administrator Administrator Chang-Ryeol Shin 055-880-7000 Directing business of O.C.
Planning HQ Plannig Director Director Dong-Jin Lee 055-880-7010 Directing business of Planning HQ
& Management
Head Jae-Hoon Lee 055-880-7022 Directing business of Planning&Management dpt.
Leader Hyung-Hwa Lee 055-880-7023 Recruitment&Selection of supervising agency
Leader Hye-Gyeong Oh 055-880-7024 Bid&Contract for construction, service and the goods
Leader Byeong-Sik Park 055-880-7026 Directing the operation of the board of directors
Deputy head Min-Jung Yang 055-880-7025 Operating&Organizing advisory/expert committe
Deputy head Yong-Gyu Lee 055-880-7017 Matters about budget for annual expenditure,
expenses and the closing accounts
Deputy head Sung-Jin Yoo 055-880-7015 Managing car operation and schedule of O.C.
Leader Hye-Jin Jo 055-880-7033 Developing EXPO EI, Production&Distribution of
promotion materials
Deputy head Sung-Yeob Kim 055-880-7034 Establishing website&Operating promoting booth
Deputy head Min-Young Park 055-880-7036 Promotion thorough SNS, Operating PR team
Deputy head Soo-Hyun Kim 055-880-7035 News release&General affairs
Head Pil-Sung Yoon 055-880-7042 Directing business of Marketing dpt.
Leader Hee-Ja Kang 055-880-7044 Attracting domestic tourists,
Development/Production/Sales of souvenirs
Deputy head Young-Soo Ye 055-880-7043 Attracting foreign tourists
Deputy head Chae-Seob Jeong 055-880-7045 Developing tour programs
& Selecting official travel agency
Deputy head Yang-Eun Seo 055-880-7046 Business of ticket sales
Head In-Seon Baek 055-880-7012 Directing business of Foreign Cooperation dpt.
Leader Yang-Goo Heo 055-880-7014 Establishing attraction strategy for
domestic/foreign companies
Leader Geum-Seok Hwang 055-880-7013 Attracting group-linked foreign companies
& tea-related organizations for company attraction
Deputy head Su-Jeong Ahn 055-880-7016 Establishing DB&Investigating contact point of
attraction subject by importance
Operating HQ Operating Dierctor Director Sang-Ho Yang 055-880-7050 Directing business of Operating HQ
Operating dpt. Head In-Doo Moon 055-880-7072 Directing business of Operating dpt.
Leader Byeong-Goo Ha 055-880-7074 Operating all-source situation room,
Establishing&Enforcing total operating strategy of the EXPO
Leader Jin-Hee Kim 055-880-7075 Management of workers and visitors' meals,
Food and beverage management,
Comprehensive plan of transport management
Deputy head Dae-Eun Kim 055-880-7075 Managing the accommodations for participants&visitors,
Establishing&Enforcing total safety measures of the EXPO
Deputy head Beom-Jin Hwang 055-880-7076 Establishing&Enforcing total strategy of transportation management,
parking management-related matters
Deputy head Sang-Min Lee 055-880-7066 Matters related to the contract&operation of
the EXPO’s insurance company,
Selecting&Managing cleaning service
Event dpt. Head So-Young Lee 055-880-7082 Directing business of Event dpt.
Leader Sung-Il Kim 055-880-7083 Proceeding events : Eve/Opening/Closing Ceremony
Deputy head Jeong-Eun Kim 055-880-7086 Operating events from Theme/Experience Hall and others
Deputy head Young-Woo Kwak 055-880-7084 Holding forums&seminars with invited tea experts&staffs
Head Byeong-Soo Kim 055-880-7052 Directing business of Foundation dpt.
Leader Yong-Ho Yoon 055-880-7053 Establishing&Enforcing total strategy of
event location facilities’ installation
Fire Captain Jong-Soo Lee 055-880-7054 Establishing&Enforcing firefighting/safety measures of
event location facilities
Deputy head Dong-Hoon Shin 055-880-7056 Installation&Management of infrastructures&amenities
Deputy head Jae-Ho Lee 055-880-7055 Installation&Management of event location’s
electrical/communication facilities
Head Chang-Hyeon Ahn 055-880-7062 Directing business of Exhibition dpt.
Leader Kyeong-Cheol Kang 055-880-7064 Operating&Managing Industrial/Domestic Hall
Leader Dong-Hyeon Jo 055-880-7063 Operating&Managing
Millennium/Expension/Video Performance Hall
Deputy head Jin-Soo Jeong 055-880-7065 Operating&Managing
International/K-ART Hall and others
Main tasks
Planning HQ Planning & Management dpt.
  • Directing establishment & adjustment for the total action strategy of the EXPO
  • Recruiting & selecting the supervising agency of the EXPO
  • Managing the operating committee & support council of the EXPO
  • Matters about establishment & dissolution of the operating committee
  • Matters about budget for annual expenditure, expenses and the closing accounts
Promotion dpt.
  • Domestic/foreign promotion, media control
  • Producing promoting video & theme video
  • Promotion through website & SNS
Marketing dpt.
  • Attraction business of domestic/foreign visitors
  • Operating management of all-type profit business(ticket, donation and etc.)
  • Discovering ticket box & directing ticket sale
Foreign Cooperation dpt.
  • Establishment & adjustment of business attraction strategy for both local & foreign
  • Planning & establishing the operation of Industrial hall(T-industry zone)
  • Administration & use of the EXPO draperies.
Operating HQ Operating dpt.
  • Establishing total operating strategy of the EXPO & operating all-source situation room
  • Operating management of recruiting & selecting volunteers and manpowers
  • Establishing total strategy of transportation management, parking management-related matters
  • Making contract & operating the insurance of the EXPO
Event dpt.
  • Establishing & Operating the overall strategies for the events of the EXPO
  • Operating the event inside the EXPO area
  • Holding international academic conference about tea
Foundation dpt.
  • Establishing & enforcing total strategy of event location facilities’ installation
  • Installation&Management of infrastructures&amenities
  • Establishing & enforcing firefighting/safety measures of event location facilities
Exhibition dpt.
  • Direction, block planning & maintainance for the design of the exhibition
  • Development & installation for the contents of the exhibition
  • Operating the exhibition program
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