Introduce World Tea EXPO 2023 Hadong, Korea.

TEA story

Origin of Hadong’s traditional tea

According to the records of『Samguksagi』, the oldest presence Korean history, it says “When Daeryeom-Gong brought tea seeds from Tang dynasty in 828, the King ordered him to plant them at Jiri mountain. Tea was already in Korea since the era of Queen Sunduk, but it thrived since 828.” It tells us that we had tea since the era of Queen Sunduk, but the culture of Hadong’s traditional tea has blossomed by farming tea at the southern Jiri mountain, the Hwagae-Dongcheon and monk Jingam widely supplied it.

Agriculture of
Hadong’s traditional tea

The agriculture of Hadong’s traditional tea has the history of 1,200 years, and the tea culture of Jiri mountain temple, eco-friendly farming techniques, beautiful view of tea farms, work exchanges and etc. made the harmony of local residents’ tea-borne community, which brought to the recognition as a GIAHS . We expect a leap to the global tourist spot by sustainable & fair preservation of tea agriculture and establishing tourism complex .

History of
Hadong’s Traditional Tea

- 828 : Established Korea’s first tea farm & tributed them to the imperial family of Goryeo

- 1837 : Completed 『Dongdasong』, Korea’s first book of tea written by Cho-eui

- 2006 : Designated for the first special zone of Hadong’s wild tea industry in the country

- 2008 : Designated for the best tea tree & tea farm of Korea

- 2015 : Designated for NIAHS(6th)

- 2017 : Registered at GIAHS(Korea’s First in tea area, 4th in the world)

- 2020 : The first domestic government-authorized EXPO in tea area

- 2023 : Hosting <World Tea EXPO 2023 Hadong, Korea>

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